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Textured Foam Rollers for Muscle Massage

Textured Foam Rollers for Muscle Massage

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Textured Foam Rollers for Muscle Massage – HIGH-Density [Firm] Back Foam Roller for Back Pain Relief & Muscle Recovery in Legs & Arms – Hollow Foam Roller for Muscle Exercises, 5.5x17.7 in.

  • Your high-density foam roller for physical therapy and exercise is made to help runners, lifters, yogis, those recovering from injury, and more.
  • Made to Move – Your roller is portable and goes beyond massage. Boost your flexibility, mobility, and circulation at home or the gym with this trigger point foam roller for back exercises, hips, and more.
  • Dig Deeper – Achieve a superior muscle release thanks to the teardrop ridges on your back foam roller and trigger point massager. This strategic pattern can target knots and tension from any angle.
  • Gift Some Relief – Your family and friends deserve a break from stress. Treat them to a workout and yoga foam roller for legs, arms, and back that can melt tension thanks to the ergonomic design.
  • Intentional Design – Providing durable, premium-quality essentials for your fitness journey is our top priority. Push yourself to the max with these medium foam rollers for men and women.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Luke m.
Quite comfortable and … hollow?

I realize that the title mentions that this is hollow, but I completely missed that when I ordered it. Once it arrived and I saw it was hollow, I was immediately skeptical about it. All of the other foam rollers that I've tried (and owned) have always been solid core foam. With a hollow one, I wasn't sure if it would effectively support my weight as I was rolling back and forth on it.Turns out that there's nothing to worry about here.I tried a bunch of exercises on it, and at no point did I feel even the tiniest bit of give. This thing is quite solid. The textured bumps were also kind of nice as well. (I've never used a foam roller before with a texture like that, but I rather like it).Overall, if this is the right size for you (both in terms of thickness and width), it seems like a solid, reasonably-priced ($16) choice.

Great addition to the "bike room"!

Been looking at one of these for a little while now to replace (or add to) my full foam big roller. This thing will get you sorted for sure. The textured foam on the outside is nice and grippy with just enough give. The core is very sturdy and at just about 200lbs I've had no issues putting it through it's paces for iliotibial, glutes, back and quad rolling. Perfectly portable too if you are heading out for a weekend bike, hike or whatever. So portable my daughter "stole" it days after I got it for a weekend dance conference! I did find the rated "features" somewhat funny though. It notes "comfort" and "pain relief".....both of those come AFTER to the rolling! This unit will really get into your muscles if you do it right. Looking forward to lot's of use from this roller.

Michael Sykes
Nice size textured foam roller

This foam roller is a nice length and diameter. I also like my foam rollers with texture. I do SMR every day pre and post workout. Sometimes a few extra SMR sessions if my body needs it. The foam roller is well-made and there was no odor. What I didn't like about it is that I like the knobby texture to be harder and this one has some cushioning in it. However I roll a lot so I can take something harder. This would be perfect for someone who doesn't want anything super hard.

the bumps hurt real good!

This is my first time getting an exercise foam roller with bumps so there were couple things that I didn't realize until I got this. First is that the textured bumps really makes a difference. You can definitely feel the bumps! It's great for massages, I feel like it really digs deep into my skin and great for rolling my legs and arms for weight loss. But when I tried to stretch my back vertically along my spine, it was too painful from the bumps so I don't really suggest getting this for that type of stretches. The roller is very hard and sturdy, I don't feel like it can ever break for how hard the inner plastic feels. This also has some weight into it, not super duper light.